Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hello, Strangers

Am I really doing this?  

Yes, I'm doing this.  Starting a blog to chronicle my adventures in fertility and my quest to become a single, 40-something mother.  Without going completely nuts in the process.

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, as an outlet for all of these feelings and frustrations and anxieties and hopes.  But every month I think, "Well, I might as well not start it now because I'll probably be pregnant next week.  Then what would be the point, right?!"  In other words, me?  Clearly delusional.

So, here goes.  The beginning of an account of all the ridiculous, embarrassing, comical, heartbreaking, awkward, painful and, let's face it, pretty undignified moments along the path to having a baby.  (I was going to say "I hope" after that.  But no, I'll leave it at that: to having a baby.)

Warning: I'm planning to share all kinds of TMI here so be prepared for some pretty blunt talk about things that might make you crinkle your nose and say "Ew!"  As supportive as my loved ones are, I've seen that look when I go too far.  This will be my place to spill the details, safe among strangers.  There may also be some talk about sex, faith, politics, death, money, and other opinions shared that I'm sure many potential readers could disagree with.  But isn't it more interesting when we don't all share the same values and views of the world?

So, this brings me to the subject of anonymity.  In order to feel like I can say anything here, I'm going to try to remain fairly vague about who I am in the 'real world.' I'm going to use just my initial and not my name, at least for now.  Not that I suspect my co-workers or neighbors are going to stumble on this blog.  But, just... you never know, right?

So, until next time, sending love and good wishes to all...


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